Fashion and seasons

Fashion is great, but the reason that fashion is still alive is because of the unique changes compared to the seasons. The reason why the fashion changes along with the seasons is quite simple, but many seem to be unaware.

Colours and patterns of outfits change simply because there are some colours that look better in certain lights compared to others. While that may sound obvious and almost like common sense, you will notice that there is a reason that fashion does not push the colour blue during the winter, or the colour green during the summer. Your brain will instantly make a connection between the blue being “cold” and the green being “earthy”. That is the lasts association you want to make during the seasons.

You will also notice the difference that you would see people buy outfits at. Generally, most outfits are bought during the holiday sales, but contemporary fashion isn’t designed to be sold during these sales. That is why you will see what many consider to be “basic fashion” being sold during these times of year.

Basic fashion is essentially like a template for clothes throughout the year. There is a rough template, and every season or every year the template would be slightly edited and changed so that the clothes seem like they are new, and they can be sold for a slightly higher price compared to last years clothes. This is a way for the fashion industry to keep turning a profit even throughout the slower times of the year.

Not many customers clock on to this, and that is why you will generally see this trend continuing. Those that do clock on will shop at an entirely different store rather than raise a complaint or try to speak to anyone in charge, so the worst a company would see is a slight dip in sales year on year.

The problems with the fashion industry

Fashion is a very big thing around the world for western countries, but one of the more spectacular parts of fashion are some of the amazing clothes that come out from the smaller designers around the world. There are many designers that you wouldn’t have heard of because they work for major companies that do not have their names advertised after designing a piece of clothing. Some of these companies are even global, so it’s even worse for the designer themselves to lose any sort of recognition.

However, this has always been a problem for the fashion industry. There are many designers within the larger companies around the world whose names are unknown even though they have designed pieces of clothing that have sold worldwide and driven profits through the roof for these same companies. Sometimes these same designers can make these companies millions and they don’t make a penny from royalties depending on what their contract states.

There is still much that needs to be changed within the fashion industry to turn it into a friendlier and better place for those who love the industry the most. The same designers who are cheated out of a lot of money are the ones who love the industry the most, which is why they have spent the time and skill necessary to create amazing clothes for the customers who bring the same companies a lot of additional profit.

This is something that won’t be solved easily unfortunately. Not because people don’t want it to, but because these practices are ingrained into the industry and they will not be easy to get rid of no matter how much you can campaign for it. There is only so much that can be done within the industry, and we must hope that companies specifically solve these issues themselves.

Home fashion

A growing part of fashion in the 21st century is within many people’s homes. Everyone wants their home to look great. So many people have different ideas as to how they think their home should look, or what they think a good home looks like. This can include everything from the paint or wallpapering on the walls, to the flooring that you use.

But the biggest part that I feel needs to match is the furniture itself. When you walk into a home, it doesn’t matter what colours the walls or flooring is, as your eyes are instantly drawn to the things that you will use rather than the things in the background.

If someone enters your reception room (or your living room), then the first things they will generally look at are your sofa, T.V. and anything surrounding those. From there, they will take the room in. That is why it is important to make sure that the furniture itself looks as nice as possible. This will be the first thing people look at, and to make a great first impression you need to ensure the first thing they see is something great.

Another thing that really makes the difference in any home is the general colour scheme. It’s hard to keep something like this to fashion still because of the costs involved. As fashion always changes, it makes it that much more difficult to consistently invest into the fashion.

A company that I use who are a custom furniture makers Sydney based company is great with fashionable furniture. They create furniture that looks beautiful and it’s all done by hand. If you are looking for a company that is great at creating custom furniture, then you should look towards this company. Otherwise, you should investigate how else you can make your home fashionable.

Animal fashion

While this is a very polarizing subject, something that I have begun to love over the years is the increasingly evolving fashion for pets. Specifically, the amount of fashion that they have for dogs now.

Some people feel that animal fashion is a form of mistreating animals, as they wouldn’t want to be dressed up into clothes that are made and designed for a human. Others think it weird that they are given clothes to begin with and feel that it can be unnatural. But animal clothing is cute on some animals such as dogs and cats.

In fact, there are now fashion items for pets that are more helpful than anything for them. Dogs for example have coats created for them for fashion, but in the colder weathers this can also be a helpful way to keep them warm. This is especially true when it begins to rain during the winter, as the winds during the wet season make the cold that much worse for both animals and humans alike.

Of course, pets aren’t humans’ playthings. If you are going to dress your pet, you need t be somewhat responsible and respectful. There is nothing worse than dressing your pet up for a personal joke as it is somewhat disrespectful for the animals themselves. You shouldn’t treat any animal like your personal plaything because they are not able to defend themselves.

There are so many cute outfits and pieces of fashion for your pets, so please try to be responsible when you decide to dress them. There is nothing worse than seeing a cheesy, tacky or even somewhat offensive outfit on an animal.

There are also many online stores that I would recommend for purchasing outfits for your pets. But amazon currently have the most options in terms of fashion that you should check out.

Musings of a Fatshionista

As someone who takes their fashion incredibly seriously, I make sure that everything looks great. This does not just include my clothes, but my home, my furniture and even my pets. I love fashion, and fashion is the most important thing to me as it is the most important thing to me in the world.

Fashion has not just been a hobby or passion of mine. It started as a passion, but it has now become my career. Since I was at the age of 6, I was constantly reading fashion magazines and when I would go to the stores with my parents, I would constantly pick out the nice-looking clothes. I have always loved fashion and have always liked it.

The reason I have always been attracted to fashion is because I have always loved the evolution of fashion rather than how the new fashion looks. Most people who love and follow fashion do so because they love the way new clothes look both on them and on others. They love to be part of the trends and they love to be part of the events that come up every other month or so.

Some even love fashion because they feel like the whole scene is a secret society that only those in the know are involved in. This part of the industry is the least loved by those both in and outside of the industry. The reason people hate this section of the industry so much is because it has become so cliquey.

I and many others on the other hand, love fashion because its one of the few industries in the world where you want constantly witness evolution. You can always witness something new every season, every year from hundreds of companies around the world. That is why fashion is so great.