Musings of a Fatshionista

As someone who takes their fashion incredibly seriously, I make sure that everything looks great. This does not just include my clothes, but my home, my furniture and even my pets. I love fashion, and fashion is the most important thing to me as it is the most important thing to me in the world.

Fashion has not just been a hobby or passion of mine. It started as a passion, but it has now become my career. Since I was at the age of 6, I was constantly reading fashion magazines and when I would go to the stores with my parents, I would constantly pick out the nice-looking clothes. I have always loved fashion and have always liked it.

The reason I have always been attracted to fashion is because I have always loved the evolution of fashion rather than how the new fashion looks. Most people who love and follow fashion do so because they love the way new clothes look both on them and on others. They love to be part of the trends and they love to be part of the events that come up every other month or so.

Some even love fashion because they feel like the whole scene is a secret society that only those in the know are involved in. This part of the industry is the least loved by those both in and outside of the industry. The reason people hate this section of the industry so much is because it has become so cliquey.

I and many others on the other hand, love fashion because its one of the few industries in the world where you want constantly witness evolution. You can always witness something new every season, every year from hundreds of companies around the world. That is why fashion is so great.