The problems with the fashion industry

Fashion is a very big thing around the world for western countries, but one of the more spectacular parts of fashion are some of the amazing clothes that come out from the smaller designers around the world. There are many designers that you wouldn’t have heard of because they work for major companies that do not have their names advertised after designing a piece of clothing. Some of these companies are even global, so it’s even worse for the designer themselves to lose any sort of recognition.

However, this has always been a problem for the fashion industry. There are many designers within the larger companies around the world whose names are unknown even though they have designed pieces of clothing that have sold worldwide and driven profits through the roof for these same companies. Sometimes these same designers can make these companies millions and they don’t make a penny from royalties depending on what their contract states.

There is still much that needs to be changed within the fashion industry to turn it into a friendlier and better place for those who love the industry the most. The same designers who are cheated out of a lot of money are the ones who love the industry the most, which is why they have spent the time and skill necessary to create amazing clothes for the customers who bring the same companies a lot of additional profit.

This is something that won’t be solved easily unfortunately. Not because people don’t want it to, but because these practices are ingrained into the industry and they will not be easy to get rid of no matter how much you can campaign for it. There is only so much that can be done within the industry, and we must hope that companies specifically solve these issues themselves.