Fashion and seasons

Fashion is great, but the reason that fashion is still alive is because of the unique changes compared to the seasons. The reason why the fashion changes along with the seasons is quite simple, but many seem to be unaware.

Colours and patterns of outfits change simply because there are some colours that look better in certain lights compared to others. While that may sound obvious and almost like common sense, you will notice that there is a reason that fashion does not push the colour blue during the winter, or the colour green during the summer. Your brain will instantly make a connection between the blue being “cold” and the green being “earthy”. That is the lasts association you want to make during the seasons.

You will also notice the difference that you would see people buy outfits at. Generally, most outfits are bought during the holiday sales, but contemporary fashion isn’t designed to be sold during these sales. That is why you will see what many consider to be “basic fashion” being sold during these times of year.

Basic fashion is essentially like a template for clothes throughout the year. There is a rough template, and every season or every year the template would be slightly edited and changed so that the clothes seem like they are new, and they can be sold for a slightly higher price compared to last years clothes. This is a way for the fashion industry to keep turning a profit even throughout the slower times of the year.

Not many customers clock on to this, and that is why you will generally see this trend continuing. Those that do clock on will shop at an entirely different store rather than raise a complaint or try to speak to anyone in charge, so the worst a company would see is a slight dip in sales year on year.